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Zeno Groenewegen

Founder and CEO FilmCrew.Amsterdam

About Filmcrew.Amsterdam

Filmcrew.Amsterdam provides news footage, broadcast TV crews and services and corporate video services for broadcasters, publishers, corporate clients and global video platforms. We cover news stories, film shoots, corporate video shoots and events in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany.

Filmcrew.Amsterdam was founded by Zeno Groenewegen. Zeno has been working as an experienced film professional for over a decade as a cameraman, Director of Photography, Director and editor. Filmcrew.Amsterdam is your full service partner for filmcrews, film and video camera equipment and location services in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Over the years Zeno has acquired a large network of film and Tv professionals who can assist you with your film requirements in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. Skilled professionals and easy to work with on an international level.

Zeno is not only coordinating international filmjobs but is also active as a D.O.P and Director for Filmcrew.Amsterdam jobs.