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Remote Tv and video shoots Amsterdam The Netherlands / COVID-19.

Due to the global nature of coronavirus, productions involving international travel may be impacted for months to come even as individual countries loosen lockdown measures and crews can start working again. Remote Tv and production in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands solves these problems by connecting international partners to our virtual video village. Camera feeds are streamed in real time to those who are unable to be physically present on set. Communication channels are established to make sure that remote participants can contribute, approve takes and direct as if they were on set themselves as well as conduct interviews.

We provide remote shootings options which clients can direct themselves from any worldwide location by offering them our virtual video village. Camera feeds, single camera as well as multicam can be live streamed to any video platform like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet with a muticam live view.

For Livestreaming of events, keynotes, presentations or other live video content from Amsterdam and any location in the Netherlands worldwide check our sister company Livestreaming.Amsterdam